Consti companies streamline construction with digital innovations

The construction industry is characterised by tight schedules, and foremen must continuously be able to make decisions rapidly. To facilitate scheduling and the decision-making process for foremen, the Finnish software company Fluent Progress has developed and launched the Fluent Construction application suite. In construction projects, documents are often scattered across different programs, which complicates and slows down the daily decision making involved in work management. The Fluent Construction application suite enables construction site production control, scheduling and tracking to be stored in the cloud, thereby enabling efficient data sharing and use. The renovation and construction services operator Consti Yhtiöt Oyj has deployed Fluent Construction at a renovation project in Turku to enhance the productivity even further.

Construction site schedules are typically very tight. This is also the case with renovations, which entail the additional challenge of further change needs and additional work coming to light as the project progresses. This can cause changes in the order of work at short notice. The general plan is prepared before starting work on the site in order to facilitate resource planning and scheduling as the construction progresses. According to foreman Esa Lehtinen, who oversees the construction site on Lampolankatu in Turku, things are sped up by changes to the order of work phases and putting in longer hours – there is never any compromising on quality.

The Fluent Construction application suite, developed by Fluent Progress, is used at the Turku site, where extensive renovation is underway on two residential buildings from the 1980s. The total number of apartments is 44, and the renovation project includes new balconies, facades, roofs and light dividing walls. Lifts are also being installed in the buildings.

Fluent Construction is a cloud-based service consisting of three integrated applications: Fluent Planner, Fluent Go! and Fluent Fix. Fluent Planner enables clear production control, including general plan, a look-ahead plan and a weekly plan, work amount calculations, and task scheduling for employees or subcontractors.

“The benefits of Fluent Planner can be seen in several ways, for instance in creating a clear snapshot of schedules and anticipating future tasks when planning jobs. With Fluent Planner, it is easy to gain an overview of what needs to be done and in what timeframe. We use Fluent Planner’s list template function to divide tasks into smaller subtasks when working on dividing walls, and to monitor work progress more accurately,” Lehtinen explains.

Maximising cost efficiency

Based on the general plan, the Fluent Planner application has been used to develop a look-ahead work plan for the Turku construction site. On the site, the work management team is using the browser-based Fluent Planner to plan work for the weeks ahead, track their progress and record decisions.

“The program has been very beneficial to us, and has enabled us to considerably improve cost efficiency. I would definitely use Fluent Construction applications on other sites too. I would plan the work a little more loosely to get a clearer overview,” says foreman Lari Ylitalo.

Consti trainee foreman Juuso Alin is working on his final project in civil engineering and community development at the Turku University of Applied Sciences. His topic is production planning and scheduling on construction sites. Alin’s aim with his thesis project is to determine the usability and benefits of the Fluent Planner program in construction site conditions. Among the themes of his thesis are developing a better overall picture of the construction work, calculating the time savings due to use of the software, and its ease of use onsite.

“We have broken down the plans in the program by stairwell, floor and apartment. Fluent Planner is convenient in helping to put the following two weeks’ work on the meeting room whiteboard for everyone to see. I would also use the Fluent Construction applications on other sites due to their user-friendliness and flexibility,” Alin says.

Consti is one of the leading companies focusing on renovation and technical services in Finland. The company has a comprehensive service offering covering technical building services, residential pipeline renovation, renovation contracting, building facade repair and maintenance, and other renovation and technical services for demanding residential and non-residential properties.

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