Fluent Progress

What makes us Fluent? Our solid technology knowhow or passion for the built environment and its functionality? Development of innovative digital solutions? Or our excellent understanding of the challenges relating to working environments in the infrastructure and construction sectors. Or maybe it’s our desire to develop and overcome challenges?

The answer is all of the above.

Advocates of technology

Our skilled team aims to simplify through technology processes that affect the lives of up to thousands of people every day. This is what makes our work valuable. We want to show through our actions that technological solutions are not a threat; they help in improving the quality of work in nearly every field.

Aiming at a better-working future

Our main office is in Joensuu. We operate nationwide, and our solutions are used by cities, municipalities, and companies throughout Finland. Our staff work with skill, innovating and applying old ideas in new ways to make the future more functional and sustainable for us all.

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