Fluent Kunto makes the maintenance of roads and streets more flexible than ever

When the streets are slippery on cold mornings, or blocked after heavy snowfall, there is no time to waste. And what if the asphalt surfacing of a main road or a bridge railing is damaged?

In such situations, repairs and communication must be quick and efficient. However, these processes cannot be run smoothly using inefficient and old-fashioned systems. This affects not only workers but also the local residents.

Fluent Kunto was previously known as Softroi Kunto. The Fluent Kunto system has been designed to facilitate smooth and flexible maintenance anytime and everywhere. The real-time vehicle data collection system is used through a mobile device, and makes smart use of mobile technology, GIS data, and map technology. All data is transferred efficiently and securely from one device to another by a cloud service, and risk of errors is also reduced.


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Work without idling

The Fluent Kunto solution makes the everyday life of maintenance staff easier by digitalising processes and reducing the amount of paperwork. This makes working, planning, and reporting more efficient. For example, work supervisors can monitor working on their PC or tablet computer, and receive real-time information of the progress of work tasks based on GIS map information.

Smoother and more secure everyday life

Data collected by the Fluent Kunto application can be used in public views directed at consumers. Everyday life of local residents is made easier when maintenance staff are able to react to rapidly changing situations, and dangerous situations caused by slow and complicated communications are prevented.

Simpler reporting

Data collected by the Fluent Kunto application is easy to use in various ways. It allows for easy reporting to ELY centres, the Finnish Transport Agency, the purchasing organisations of cities and municipalities, and others. Open interfaces allow for integrating the data with other systems, such as ERP and payroll systems.

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Say goodbye to thumb twiddling, wasted efforts, and incorrect resource estimates.