CCO Mikko Hassinen

Fluent Progress RT Ltd. Has hired new Chief Commercial Officer. Mikko Hassinen started in his new role at the beginning of February 2022. Below you can find Mikko’s introduction in his own words and his goals and objectives and how he is going to achieve those in the future.

Hello everybody. My name is Mikko Hassinen and In February 2022 I was invited to be part of growing group of professionals in Fluent Progress. I spent the last decade in couple of software companies where my role has varied from Sales and marketing to product management with customers in Finland, Poland, UK, US and DACH area. I work in Joensuu office but I’m short trip or E-meeting away from every corner of the world.

Customer orientated development

Year of 2022 will be development focused for us in Fluent Progress, we will focus on customer orientated development in our solutions and we will start actively reaching out our customers to understand how we can bring more value for our customers through our solutions.

Our goals are not modest, nor they should be. We are going to start solving our customer’s problems internationally as well. We know that we can help companies and people who deal with road and track maintenance, building or recreational outdoor sport areas to name a few. We feel that is our responsibility to export this Finnish top-level know-how and provide custom fitted solutions for those in need.

Bringing additional value for customers

My approach for software solutions and services is all about bringing additional value for our customers. I want the company, which I represent, to truly ease our customer’s lives or solve problems through the use of our solutions, which without our solutions would be labor intensive or simply impossible.
Bringing this kind of added value requires a deep co-operation with our customers and I’m mostly looking forward to get to know our customers and their operational environment first remotely and after pandemic also in location.

I want to understand how our customers operate and what kind of challenges they possess, so I can actively deliver the message to our technical crew and be part of our development team with our customers to create the best possible professional software solution in the market. My tasks also include to network with potential partners and in this I also prioritize companies and institutions that can provide value for our customers.

I’m beyond exited to start as a part of Fluent Progress team and if any of you readers out there want to chat about the topics mentioned here. Do not hesitate to contact me!

With warmest regards from Joensuu

Mikko Hassinen
Chief Commercial Officer
p.+358 50 374 8326