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Is something troubling you? Contact Fluent’s customer support!

In problem situations or other matters, please email Saana from customer support to

Saana also provides telephone services on working days from 9 through 16.
Tel. +358 29 1700 860*

* The price of the call is 8.35 c/call + 14.88 c/min (VAT 24%) from a Finnish landline or mobile phone.

When calling from outside Finland, calls are charged in accordance with the pricelist of the local operator.

You may also contact us using the issue reporting form. We will process your message and contact you as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

The Fluent Kunto system will be delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. This means that you do not have to invest in server equipment, software, or system maintenance. The service can also be tailored to your spesific needs. Please contact our sales for more info: +358 29 170 1120 /

To use the Fluent Kunto service, you need:

  • A working internet connection and Internet browser
  • Android mobile phones (8.0-10.0) that support tracking and 1.5GB of RAM
  • Google Play Store app
  • A mobile phone connection with mobile data for each user

Fluent Kunto is a cloud service with usage-based pricing. The most common basis for charging is a user-specific monthly fee. A starting fee is charged when the service is taken into use. This starting fee covers customer-specific configurations and training.

Yes. Maintenance data can be shared to road, street, and sports facility users through public views. Data can be shared through the interface for application development purposes. Contact us to learn more.

The following can be linked to the Fluent Kunto service:

  • Special devices developed for collecting location data, e.g. a PATI® tracking device
  • RFID readers for access control e.g. at snow dump sites
  • Devices integrated with vehicles, e.g. automatic spreaders by various manufacturers (Arctic Machine, EPOKE, Rasco, Fleetlog, Nido and others)

For further information on the devices, please contact our customer service:

All data generated is stored in a local encrypted database. When an Internet connection is available, data is transmitted to the server using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) data encryption protocol.

The mobile application checks for updates every time it is launched and if a newer version is available, suggests that it be downloaded. Also if any problems arise you can always delete the app and install it again from Google Play Store. The web application does not require updating, as Fluent updates it based on need, for example when new features become available. Updates can also be agreed upon separately.

Before contacting customer service please go through the following troubleshooting procedures, as these fix most of the problems encountered:

  • Restart the application and your device
  • Remove Kunto application from device and install it again from Google Play Store
  • Make sure that your device has a working internet connection. For example can you open web sites or do videos play smoothly? Does the application work with a wifi network if you’re having trouble with your mobile connection and vice versa?
  • Make sure that your device has a working GPS. For example is your location showing on Google Maps and does the location indicator there move as you move?

If none of these actions was helpful, you can contact us via our issue reporting form. Please in your message share what kind of issues you’re experiencing, does the issue affect one or more devices and what actions you have already taken to correct the problem. There should also be a screenshot of Version window of Kunto application which you can find on login screen in lower right corner.

Fluent Kunto devices use GPS technology and transmit their location to the Fluent Kunto system based on this data. Location data (points and routes with any related additional data) can be viewed using the map views of the system.

Ensure that the data connection and GPS tracking is enabled on your mobile device. Also ensure that the device has established a GPS connection. You can test the connection by visiting a website in the browser of your device.

In Kunto users are managed by one or more main users, who have administrative permissions to the service. Please contact the main users of your Kunto environment for all problems related to your Kunto user account.

If none of the main users is able to use the service, please contact our customer service.

In the online status, data is transmitted from one device to another in real time while in the offline status data is saved in the device memory and sent to Fluent Kunto when Internet connection is restored. The location of offline mobile devices is not updated in the Fluent Kunto application.

Before contacting customer service please make sure that the locator has an operational mobile subscription and sim card for example by testing it in a mobile phone. If the subscription is operational you can contact us via our issue report form. Please in your message share what kind of problems you’re experiencing, when the locator has last worked properly and what actions you have already taken to correct the problem. Also the IMEI and phone number of the locator should be included.