Fluent Progress

It all started from the desire to maintain things properly

Maintenance of streets and roads is one of the basic requirements of a functioning infrastructure. Maintenance is done so that we can all move safely, and so that our everyday life is smooth, comfortable and economical. Our company’s mission is based on this: Since the beginning of our history, we have wanted to be involved in creating a better and more functional society, which can be developed by managing and monitoring the maintenance of streets and roads and the information gathered from this process.

Fluent Progress is a fully Finnish-owned software company based in Joensuu. Fluent’s roots are in the Finnish technology company Fastroi Oy, from which Fluent was separated in 2015. At that time, Fluent immediately started as Finland’s largest road maintenance system supplier.


Fluent was founded in 2015, but our roots go back to 2003.


We are a 100 percent Finnish-owned company.


We are involved in 60 percent of ELY roads’ data collection.


We have 14 employees.

The need for more efficient road maintenance monitoring solutions

Our flagship product Fluent Kunto is based in the need of municipalities and companies for a functional solution for managing and monitoring the maintenance of streets and roads. Since Fluent was founded, alongside there has also been working Fluent Outdoors, with which information on the maintenance of sports facilities – mainly ski tracks at first – has been collected.

Fluent has also done projects in the construction business, from which the project management tool Fluent Panner has remained in use. In 2022, we sharpened our focus and product development investment in in software development to products and services that genuinely and most benefit our customers.

The realization that the customer knows the product best

Based on the new goals, Fluent’s main services became the collection of road and street maintenance information and strong work management, as well as the collection of maintenance information for sports and tourism venues and the display of up-to-date information on a map. Fluent Outdoors was expanded in such a way that, in addition to ski tracks, the service also shows, for example, hiking and mountain bike routes.

In 2022, Fluent’s structure also changed: our company’s management team was renewed, and our talented team received plenty of new enthusiasm and knowledge. We began to involve our customers in the production processes more than before, because we believe that customers know our products and their own needs in relation to them best. This is also the source of Fluent’s values, which guide us in our daily work: quality and improvement, satisfied employees, openness and customer success.

We want to take our knowledge to the world

Our long and comprehensive experience in software development has created a solid foundation for Fluent in the field. Our mission to create a better and more functional society with our services is possible thanks to both our extremely competent team and our helpful customers.

In 2023, we have continued to innovate and signed collaboration agreements with, for example, a company that gamifies crowdsourcing. Our next step is to take both Fluent Kunto and Fluent Outdoors to the world.

We want to be the best system supplier for street maintenance, which handles digitalization of maintenance from start to finish, i.e. from contract planning to  distributing the tasks, collecting and analyzing data, and improving operations.

As for Fluent Outdoors, we also intend to be the application from which all sports and recreation venues and up-to-date maintenance information can be viewed. Finland is a pioneer in the digitalization of street maintenance, and we have a determined intention to be the standard-bearer in taking this knowledge to the world as well.

A project co-funded by the European union

Fluent is one of the many companies that received EU project funding as part of the Innovation and Skills in Finland 2021–2027 programme. The current project co-funded by the EU is called Growth and internationalization of Fluent Progress RT Oy’s products through the developing a competitive advantage in the digitalisation of road and railway construction and maintenance.

The aim of our project is to develop new functionalities for the products so that customer needs and internationalization requirements can be met and the products are competitive in the selected markets, providing customers with superior customer benefits. As a result of the project, Fluent products are at the level required by international competition, so that the capacity for the first export transactions is in place.