Brilliant software development for road maintenance and monitoring of sports and recreational facilities

Fluent Progress RT Oy is a Finnish software company based in Joensuu that makes the most splendid software on the market for operational control of streets, roads and sports facilities. The goal of our solutions is to make our customers’ lives easier, which is why we don’t want to list any more IT jargon in this text either.

Fluent’s roots go all the way back to the beginning of the millennium, but despite our tradition, we are a truly different software house, where originality and progressiveness are not left unheard of. Our employees also genuinely enjoy themselves here – you can ask anyone.

Fluent työpaikkana

Työllämme on tarkoitus. Fluentilla työntekijä ei ole vain osa koneistoa, vaan tärkeä osa koko yrityksen menestystä. Visiomme on muuttaa maailmaa ja olemme osaltamme rakentamassa uutta tulevaisuutta.