Thanks to efficient reporting, Destia is able to produce higher-quality services for its own customers.

Destia is an all-round expert in infrastructure. The company uses Fluent Kunto in its traffic route and living environment maintenance projects, which include forty-eight ELY contracts and around twenty municipal and industrial contracts. The application allows the company to monitor the movements of maintenance equipment and the progress of work tasks.

Kunto is also used at Destia’s Kelikeskus weather centres, which monitor and predict weather and driving conditions and ensure that snowploughing, sanding or salting equipment is at the right section of road at the right time.

Destia has been a Kunto customer for many years. The solution has produced the company significant benefits:

Kunto helps keep costs under control and increases the efficiency of the company’s work processes.

More efficient cost monitoring

Destia has taken advantage of real-time monitoring of work machinery since the beginning of the millennium. Cooperation with Fluent in developing the Kunto application started in 2011. Use of the application has extended over the years, and now all the maintenance machinery of Destia and its sub-contractors is monitored through the Kunto application.

The Kunto application creates better opportunities for monitoring the work volume of sub-contractors, enhancing the efficiency of cost monitoring of contracts,

says Destia’s development engineer Juha-Matti Halme about the benefits of the application.

Easier client reporting

One of the main challenges faced by Destia’s work supervisors is meeting the reporting requirements of its customers. This is because high-quality reporting is essential for operating in the field.

The reporting requirements of customers are increasing every year, but the system has been developed together with Fluent to meet all these requirements, Halme says.

At present, monitoring data included in Destia’s customer reporting is mostly based on information produced by the Kunto application.


Destia is Finland’s largest specialist in the infrastructure sector. In addition to traffic routes, railways, and traffic and industrial environments, the company plans, builds and maintains entire living environments. In 2016, Destia’s turnover was over EUR 490 million. The company’s 1,500 professionals implement advanced solutions that promote safe and smooth movement and enhance the functionality of the surrounding world piece by piece. Destia contributes to a more functional Finland in order to ensure that the makers of the future have a solid foundation and open routes regardless of destination.