Fluent Outdoors is a map and geospatial information service that allows exercisers, hikers and tourists to get to know places of interest in the area easily on one platform. Fluent Outdoors is already in use in many cities and municipalities, but it also offers excellent opportunities for private entities that offer activities and experience services.

A map service that is always up to date

Fluent Outdoors offers a competitive advantage to sports, camping and tourism service providers.

In Fluent Outdoors, the user can see the sports facilities, skiing tracks and hiking trails, as well as attractions and activities in one map view. The service also locates the user, so they can always see their own locations in real time. In addition to map information, it is possible to add to the service, for example, object-spesific image files, more detailed descriptions or additional information links.

What makes Fluent Outdoors superior is the possibility of real-time maintenance information, which not only improves the maintenance of the objects, but also improves user satisfaction. The maintenance information is automatically updated, for example, from the snow groomer or from the maintainer’s mobile application included in the maintenance of the service. Maintaining the maintenance situation does not burden the management, and the information is always up-to-date. In addition, users can easily report through the service if they notice maintenance needs.

Features of Fluent Outdoors


All activities in one platform


Real-time positioning of the user


Up-to-date maintenance information


An opportunity for real-time feedback and error messages


Can be operated with a web browser and mobile devices


Automatic data collection devices can be integrated

Get to know Fluent Outdoors

Fluent Outdoors is already used by more than 60 municipalities in Finland. In addition, the system can also be used by, for example, private tourism promotion companies and ski resorts. Get to know all the Fluent Outdoors areas in Finland here.

By clicking the links below, you can test what the Fluent Outdoors service looks like in practice and read about our customers’ experiences!

City of Mikkeli




City of Oulu

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