We believe that financial sustainability is the cornerstone of a company, a satisfied employee is an efficient employee, and a modern software company carries its cards to reduce the world’s carbon dioxide emissions.


At Fluent, we believe that financial sustainability creates the basis for all business operations; financial sustainability is our cornerstone, without which it is difficult for us to take care of other sustainability issues, and with which we ensure the stability and reliability of our business. By bearing our responsibility for the economy, we show that we are a reliable employer and partner who is able to meet the needs of our stakeholders.

We spend responsibly, but we don’t stretch a cent – our toilet paper is the softest, the coffee machine makes our office life a bit easier, and shared breakfasts brighten up our mornings from time to time. We follow good governance in our operations and closely monitor our financial performance, according to which we make continuous improvements to increase profitability.

We strive to contribute to our customers’ success and to produce added value for customers with the help of our own products and services. We actively develop new solutions to meet the needs of the market in order to maintain our competitiveness.


Our staff is the same as Fluent, so we do everything we can to maintain and promote the well-being of our employees. However, we know that there is more to our employees’ lives than Fluent, and we want to support this whole. We use a flexible hybrid work model that promotes the coordination of different aspects of life. We enable the development of our employees and support the construction of career paths, for example by offering training opportunities and tailoring job descriptions, listening to the wishes of our employees.

We always consider diversity in our recruitment and communication; our work community is multilingual, which we see exclusively as an opportunity. With the help of our internship program, we offer beginners the opportunity to work in software development. We do not use free labor, but pay all our interns a salary according to CBA. However, we take interns according to the carrying capacity of our senior-level software developers.

Our products play a key role in the realization of our social sustainability in practice: We instrumentally participate in enabling safer movement in all seasons on all roads and highways. In addition, increasing exercise and outdoor activities and making it easily and free of charge available to everyone is part of our mission.


We know that the maintenance of roads and streets is part of the sustainability of the infrastructure, and we want to play our part in making maintenance as smooth and efficient as possible in order to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions caused by maintenance.

We also want to offer municipalities and private tourism promotion agencies a digital solution to show exercise, excursion and recreation places on the same platform – a solution that can be carried with a mobile device anywhere and anytime without having to cut down trees to make paper maps.

We strive to comply with the provisions of the ISO 14001 environmental certificate in all our activities; we recycle all waste at our office and strive for a paperless office. We have helped this with a printer whose quite comprehensive spectrum of features keeps the threshold to use the device at a sufficiently competitive level.

We have chosen an easily accessible location for our office right in the core of Joensuu, where work trips can be easily made by public transport, on foot or by bicycle. We also support our employees’ emission-free movement – and movement in general – by offering an electric bicycle benefit.