Fluent Planner is an easy-to-use weekly work scheduling software for production management in all types of construction

Benefits of Fluent Planner for construction site production control

  • Reducing the number of disruptions and interruptions through better planning, forecasting
  • Less searching and time wasting, more productive doing
  • Transparency increases commitment, productivity and adherence to deadlines
  • Easy and comfortable to use. Easy data collection also allows you to manage your data more effectively.
  • Työmaalla laatu ja kannattavuus paranee, kun virheitä on vähemmän ja ne on korjattu nopeammin
  • On site, quality and profitability are improved when there are fewer errors and they are corrected more quickly
  • Easily accessible information at the right level
  • The solution can handle very large project schedules without any problems.

Foreman, look ahead and ensure smooth production!

Fluent Planner is the supervisor’s tool for weekly work planning. It increases construction productivity by making work more efficient and better planned, helping to keep to schedules and make challenging decisions easier.
No more wasting your time turning over papers and searching for files, you’ll find all the information you need in one solution. Good planning also makes it easier to foresee and ensure smooth production. The historical data on completed projects can also be used to calculate new bids.

More accurate weekly planning and problem foreseeing will get your project to the finish line on time and on budget

Fluent Planner is a flexible work planning platform for every foreman. It streamlines weekly planning for the entire worksite by bringing all production plans together in one view.

Fluent Planner’s visualisation makes it easy for everyone to see the big picture and you can smoothly adjust plans, for example in weekly meetings. Just like on the whiteboard, but digital!

Fluent Planner tuoteperhe

Involve your team with the Fluent Planner mobile app

Fluent Planner provides an easy-to-use mobile data collection app that makes it easy to record when work starts and when it ends or is interrupted. The data is transferred in real-time to Fluent Planner, where you can instantly see problem areas. Photos, attachments and comments move seamlessly between the mobile and browser versions and data accumulates for you to improve your future projects.

Esteloki Fluent Planner

Feel less rushed and more in control by using the obstacle log

By maintaining Fluent Planner’s advanced obstacle log, the supervisor has sovereign control over the starting conditions for tasks in the coming weeks. At a glance, the foreman can see the upcoming week’s task obstacles either by block or at a weekly or overall schedule level. Time and bandwidth are freed up to manage people when obstacles to getting things done are known and can be removed.

Fluent Planner features



Weekly planning

  • Tasks by foreman
  • Tasks by area
  • Allocation of resources
  • Area workload
  • Last Planner and Takt Planning



  • Lookahead plan
  • Obstacle Log, start-up conditions
  • Cost accounting
  • Prioritisation of tasks
  • Coordination of tasks



General timetable

  • Import operations
  • Scheduling templates
  • Dependencies
  • Hierarchy levels
  • Time-place graph


Mobile app

  • Starting, stopping and interrupting task
  • Reasons for interruptions with photos
  • Comment
  • Attachments
  • Safety walk function


Real-time snapshot

  • Work in progress
  • Tasks not started
  • Interruptions and disruptions
  • Status by area
  • Status by type of work


Site activities on the map

  • Areas can be drawn on the map
  • Tasks on the map
  • Observations on the map
  • Other projects on the map
  • 3D-map





  • Use in weekly meetings
  • Instant messages
  • Photo documentation
  • Reports
  • Open interface


Other features

  • Browser-based
  • Tietokantapohjainen
  • Database-based
  • Map-based
  • Multiple work views
  • Drilling down in projecs to task level