Fluent Kunto – the most comprehensive solution on the market for managing and monitoring street and road maintenance

Fluent Kunto is a real-time, mobile-based vehicle data collection system. The data collected by the Fluent Kunto app can be easily used to verify maintenance actions in real time and afterwards, for example, to settle slip and fall claims. Reporting to internal or external parties like municipal and local authority contracting organisations is also easy. Open interfaces allow the data to be integrated with other systems, such as ERP or payroll systems.

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Real-time monitoring on the map

The Fluent Kunto solution eases the workload of maintenance workers by digitising processes and reducing paperwork. This makes maintenance work, work planning and reporting much more efficient. For example, supervisors can monitor the progress of work from their browser, mobile device or tablet and get real-time information on the progress of the work using the geo-location information on the map.

Teiden kunnossapidon seurantaan | Fluent Kunto

Simpler reporting

The app’s easy-to-use reporting tool helps, for example, when dealing with slip and fall claims. Reporting is also easy for internal and external parties, like municipalities’ contracting organisations. Open interfaces also allow the data to be integrated with other systems, such as ERP or payroll systems.

Teiden kunnossapidon seurantaan | Fluent Kunto

A smoother and safer everyday life for residents

The information collected by the Fluent Kunto app, for example on ploughing or sanding, can be displayed in a public view on the municipality’s website. The daily life of local residents is made easier when, for example, up-to-date information on the maintenance of light traffic routes can be viewed on the municipality’s website. The system also allows maintenance workers to react quickly to changing situations and prevents incidents from occurring.

Fluent Kunto

Device integrations

You will automatically receive working data from on-board devices, such as automatic spreaders, in the Kunto app. The types of work carried out and the type and amount of material spread are displayed in the app without any further action by the driver. The data is imported into the Kunto application either via the equipment manufacturer’s servers or via the positioning devices provided by Fluent.

Fluent Kunto is widely used in road maintenance

Fluent Kunto is used by leading maintenance companies and municipalities. Click on the logos to read our customer stories:



Tampereen Infra


Viherpalvelut Hyvönen

With the Kunto application, there are now better possibilities for monitoring the workload of subcontractors and, as a result, the cost monitoring of contracts is more efficiently controlled,” says Juha-Matti Halme, Destia’s development engineer, listing the benefits of the application.

Features of Fluent Kunto software


Work Management

Making work assignments from notes, to-do lists and scheduling


Public view

Public information on street and road maintenance


Worksite diary

Information on the project with weather data per day


Drawing of contract boundaries

Definition of internal urban contract boundaries and automatic contract exchange based on them




Levitetyt materiaalit ja auralaitteiden asentotiedot automaattisesti


Device integrations

Automatically record applied materials and ploughing equipment position data


The depot

Monitoring of the use of the storage and disposal site and stock balances


Sports facilities

Fluent Outdoors – an additional service to manage the management of trails and sports facilities