With the Fluent Kunto application, road maintenance becomes comprehensive, consistent and cost-effective for both clients and contractors

Fluent Kunto is a real-time, mobile-based vehicle data collection system. With the Kunto application, you handle all tasks related to street and road maintenance on the same platform: with the application, you can, for example, calculate jobs and plan routes, manage regular and urgent work, assign work tasks, monitor the completion of work in real time, and report the work done to clients or other external parties. With open interfaces, the data can also be integrated into other systems, such as enterprise resource planning or payroll systems.

Calculate jobs and plan routes easily

With Fluent Kunto application, road maintenance becomes efficient and consistent: Kunto makes the daily life of the employees in the maintenance industry easier by enabling the calculation of contracts, work planning, route planning, scheduling and work execution on the same platform. This makes working, planning as well as reporting more efficient.

Track which tasks have been done in real time on the map

In the Kunto application, the project supervisor can monitor the execution of the road maintenance work in real time from their browser or mobile device. The data can also be reported to external parties, such as Väylä or the contracting organizations of municipalities, with an easy reporting tool. The reporting tool also helps, amongst other things, when dealing with slip and fall claims. We use open interfaces, so the information collected by the Fluent Kunto can also be integrated with other systems: information about, for example, ploughing or sanding, can be displayed in a public view on the municipality’s website.

Manage regular and urgent work and allocate work in the same place

In the Fluent Kunto application, both regular and urgent work can be controlled and tasks considering road maintenance can be assigned to employees conveniently in the same place. The employee receives information about the new work assignment on his own mobile phone. The Kunto system can also be used to issue alarm commands to drivers.

Information can be distributed to all users centrally

We educate your employees with changing situations using the Fluent Kunto application, for example when changing employees or contractors or changing the contract areas. It is no longer necessary to organize mass trainings for employees, but the passing of new information can be done conveniently from one place for all users.

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Fluent Kunto is widely used in road and street maintenance

Fluent Kunto is used by leading maintenance companies and municipalities. Click on the logos to read our customer stories:


Alltime Oy

Viherpalvelut Hyvönen

With the Kunto application, there are now better possibilities for monitoring the workload of subcontractors and, as a result, the cost monitoring of contracts is more efficiently controlled,” says Juha-Matti Halme, Destia’s development engineer, listing the benefits of the application.

Features of Fluent Kunto software for both clients and contractors


Work Management

Make work assignments from notes and do to-do lists and schedules.


Alarming the drivers

Make dispatch orders for drivers in emergency situations.


Worksite diary

Log the information on the project with weather data per day.


Drawing of contract boundaries

Define contract boundaries and calculate and draw routes.



Easy reporting

Easily report what kind of street or road maintenance work you have done.


Monitoring of work phases

Monitor certain issues from the reporting, for example to support invoicing.


Access control of the disposal site etc.

Monitor the use of the storage and disposal site and stock balances.


Real-time monitoring of the work tasks

Track which tasks have been done.

Increase efficiency in road maintenance

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