Risto Jalovaara started as the CEO of Fluent

The CEO of Fluent Progress RT Oy has changed. Risto Jalovaara, a member of the company’s board and entrepreneurial partner, started as CEO on January 8, 2024. Ville Widgrén, who worked as CEO of Fluent Progress from autumn 2020, will work for the company in the role of advisor during the transition period. The board of Fluent Progress thanks Ville Widgrén for his contribution to the company.

“It is nice to return to the development of products familiar from the days of Fastroi. In addition, I have previously also collaborated with members of the company’s current team, so I believe that the jump from the world of care to the maintenance information systems of roads, streets and sports and camping sites will be easy”, says Risto Jalovaara.

The company already started the process of updating its strategy during 2023, and the goal is, in addition to domestic business growth, to aim for the international markets of the aforementioned industries in the coming years.

Fluent’s roots go back to Fastroi Oy, which currently supplies systems for the care industry, and Jalovaara also successfully served as its founder and CEO for nineteen years. Fluent was separated from Fastroi into its own company through a partial demerger in 2015.

Fluent currently employs fourteen people.