NCC enhancing and facilitating its construction work with Fluent Planner

We have been able to facilitate schedule planning and combine the work phases of different foremen. Everybody can edit the Schedule view, which clearly shows the types and locations of the work in progress. I definitely recommend the tool for others”, says Paulus Partanen, work supervision trainee at NCC.

Sites often have challenges with making the work more effective and with the flow of information. The challenges in effective planning in construction are increased by the fact that there are many things that must be taken into consideration. Paulus Partanen, work supervision trainee at NCC, is working on his final thesis project about the subject. More specifically, the thesis focuses on the suitability of schedule software for weekly planning in construction.

There are approximately 100 employees at Partanen’s site in Vallila. The team consists of the senior foreman, ten salaried employees and two work supervision trainees. The aim with using Fluent Planner is to make the work more effective and facilitate scheduling. The focus is on combining the weekly plans of different foremen, sharing schedule plans between several parties as well as ensuring the fluent flow of information between different types of plans.

Construction work can be made more effective

”Fluent Planner facilitates schedule planning, project management and work planning, and thus the whole work. Earlier, Excel was the main tool we used in weekly planning, and combining tasks was time-consuming. Fluent has made the work a lot easier, especially as regards weekly planning,” Partanen says.

NCC has weekly three-week meetings where the work supervisors’ weekly plans are gone through individually and then together to coordinate what is happening, where and when. The fluency of the meetings can be improved using suitable tools. Fluent Planner is used as the tool in the three-week meeting at the Fredriksberg site.

Fluent Planner — easy planning tool

“Fluent Planner has been a very good tool at our site and we have made good use of it. The information on the application can be found easily and the application is easy to use as a whole. It has become easier to plan schedules and combining the tasks under the responsibility of different foremen, and the work in general has become more effective. I will continue to use the Fluent Planner in the future and definitely recommend it to others,” concludes Partanen.

NCC is one of the leading companies in Northern Europe within construction,
infrastructure and property development It also offers materials needed in construction as well as road paving and maintenance services. NCC pursues responsible construction business, which promotes sustainable interaction between people and the environment. Its site at Fredriksberg consists of four interlinked office buildings that are being constructed in phases. The first phase, Fredriksberg A, at the corner of Sturenkatu and Aleksis Kiven katu was completed in spring 2018. The B and C buildings currently in progress will be constructed simultaneously.

Photos: Fredriksberg B- and C phases