Fluent Planner - Visual scheduling application for project management

Fluent Planner is an application originally developed for the planning and management of demanding construction projects. The system includes an easy-to-use mobile application and an application for inspection and observation collecting which supports map- and blueprint-based work.

The functions of Fluent Planner, a cloud-based browser application, have been developed together with leading players in the construction industry. Now Fluent Planner is also available for other project management professionals.

Fluent Planner makes the life of a project manager easier by bringing the general plan, the lookahead plan and the weekly task plan of a project into the same view. Sharing plans and allocating resources becomes easier when all the needed information is in one browser-based application delivered as a cloud service. With our solution, you can manage your project from the designing and planning phase to tracking deliveries in an agile, transparent and efficient way. Fluent Planner is based on databases and has open API’s, which enable data to be used smoothly in other systems as well.

Supports map- and blueprint-based work
Comments, photographs and attachments
General, look-ahead and weekly project planning and control
Inspections and observations

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