Why choose Fluent Planner for project management?

  • Reducing the number of disruptions and interruptions through better planning and forecasting
  • Less searching and time wasting, more productive doing
  • Transparency increases productivity and improves adherence to schedules
  • learning to use the solution saves time, it’s easy and comfortable to use. Easy data collection allows you to manage data more effectively
  • The quality and profitability of the project improves when there are fewer errors and they are corrected more quickly
  • Easily accessible information at the right level
  • Solution has the power to handle very large project schedules

A transparent project is one and unified project

Fluent Planner enables cross-organisational interaction: everyone involved in the project can contribute to reporting and monitoring. So, if necessary, the project snapshot is shared by all. The use of Fluent Planner is flexible according to work roles and working styles. As a browser-based tool, it can be used on a PC, tablet or phone and also has its own mobile app.

Fluent Planner tuoteperhe

Backed by Finland’s strongest project expertise

Fluent Planner is an application originally developed for planning and managing demanding construction projects. The system also includes an easy-to-use mobile app and a map and blue print-based working app for inspections and observations.

The features and functions of the cloud-based Fluent Planner have been developed together with leading construction project operators. Now Fluent Planner is also available to other project professionals.

Fluent Planner’s performance is designed to meet the requirements of the most extensive projects. So it doesn’t shy away from large amounts of data.

Reducing disruption and interruptions through better planning and looking ahead

With Fluent Planner, you can plan your preparation for the coming weeks efficiently. Easily see the rough load of work in all of locations, teams or people and identify and record problems and obstacles for the weeks ahead. You can then clear obstacles in advance and log actions in the obstacle log. The benefit of foresight is smooth, on-schedule project progress. Proper preparation helps with scheduling, coordination and information across the different teams of the project. Safety and quality are also improved through better lookahead planning.

Easy data collection enables effective data management

Fluent Planner’s visual appeal and ease of use will make everyone want to use it. And because everyone knows how to use the Fluent Planner mobile app, project-related communication, including photos and attachments, can be captured comprehensively and easily. The benefit is that time spent learning how to use it is saved, it’s easy and convenient to use, and data management is improved through timely data collection.

Fluent Planner features



Project at weekly level

  • Tasks by project manager
  • Tasks by region
  • Allocation of resources
  • Occupancy rate on areas
  • Monitoring the progress of the project and tasks


Proactive planning

  • Lookahead plan view
  • Conditions and obstacles to starting a task
  • Assigning tasks to workers and teams
  • Priorisation of tasks
  • Coordination of tasks


Project’s general timetable

  • Schedule import function
  • Scheduling templates
  • Dependencies of tasks
  • Hierarchical levels of tasks
  • Project milestones



  • Starting, stopping and interrupting tasks
  • Duration and causes of interruptions
  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • Photo documentation


Real-time snapshot

  • Ongoing tasks
  • Tasks to be started
  • Interruptions and disruptions
  • Situation by sub-area
  • Situation by function group


Decentralised project on the map

  • Areas can be drawn on the map
  • Tasks on the map
  • Observations on the map
  • Other projects on the map
  • 3D map




Project communication

  • Use inside of Project Meetings
  • Instant messages
  • Photo documentation
  • Reports
  • Open interfaces


Other features

  • Browser-based
  • Database-based
  • Map-based
  • Multiple working views